The soul of a country often remains hidden from outsiders. For the traveller it is difficult to penetrate the layers, which have developed across the centuries and which make up the structure and shape of the country.


This outside-view of a traveller in Venice didn’t satisfy me. Being curious, I decided to live in Venice.

Strolling, seeing, being amazed, smelling, relaxing

It isn’t easy. Venice, the Sublime – the Unique – “La Serenissima” is a town of contradictions, a town which polarises, with many well known problems, such as cruise ships, and huge numbers of tourists.

And yet! 

There is still the fascinating other side of Venice,

the town of my dreams,

with centuries of crafting traditions,

full of beauty,

sensitivity and pleasure.

Would you like to experience this wonderful aspect of MY VENICE together with me?


Will you accompany me?


One day for example:


  • we could take a walk in “My” Venice…
  • watch a craftsman at work, look over his shoulder…
  • enjoy Venice`s tastiest chiccetti…


Or would you like to stay longer?

If you are interested, contact me at