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Material and my way of designing

How do my creations come into being?

In all sorts of different ways.

One way I proceed is like a dressmaker: I create an item „made to measure“, whereby the development of a relationship is of great importance. The intense involvement with the future wearer is essential to emphasise her uniqueness and to create a symbiosis between me and the wearer.


Another method can be described by the French word „flaneur“. I let myself be led through towns, landscapes, gather impressions, moments, colours, shapes and feelings, any of which might find their way into my creations.


I love seeking our antique markets, rummaging for old items, which I reuse, supplement with new materials, reinterpret, thus creating unique new items.


Some creations are full of temperament and extremely colourful. Others frivolous, humorous or elegant, romantic, intellectual, eclectic.

Spaziergang am Strand von Venedig im Sonnenuntergang

Where does the material come from?

Glass. The craft of glassmaking belongs to Venice´s highest achievements. My passion is a part of this, the traditional craft of glass bead making. Over the years I have developed a working relationship and partnership with craftsmen and masters in Venice and Murano. I either have my own designs realised, or I choose from the creative palette this artisans have created.


Porcelain. The porcelain pendants and elements I use are all produced, decorated by hand and formed and painted by a qualified porcelain „thrower“ in Germany.


Links and clasps. Either silver or golded, are free from nickel. These are hand made in Columbia, according to age old methods and techniques which have been handed down and date back to pre Colombian culture.